Admission open for 1st year Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Computer Science and Commerce Group.

About US

Who We Are

Recknors is a well established Consulting, Training and Software development & Solutions firm that provides customers organizations with an extensive series of trainings in the field of Accounts, Management & IT. With more than 11 years of experience in the Accounting, Management & IT turnaround environment. Recknors College tenders the best entrepreneur’s training to satisfy patron’s needs. Though we have worked with many firms “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” patrons choose us because of our experience and ability to achieve results under difficult circumstances. Training plays vital role, if training is done right than you will find employees who are enthusiastic in their work and well on their way to flattering experts in their field. In 2010 Recknors College of Management & Computer Sciences has now established itself as RECKNORS. Recknors will provide the same services but an extra addition of service is that it will work for Corporate Trainings & Workshops for customer benefit & satisfaction.



1. CONSULT (Needs Assessment)

We listen with the profound Insight necessary to fully recognize and truthfully gauge your organization’s performance challenges.

2. SELECT (Designing Appropriate Content)

A training program is selected to provide Direct domino effect by addressing performance challenges from the range of courses we offer. A customize combination of training units/modules may also be recommended to best address your needs.

3. DELIVER (Evaluation)

Dates are set for training on-sight at the client’s facility or at one of our regional training facilities. Results are evaluated and follow-up requirements determined.


“A Virtual World of Innovation, Trainees Enter, Professionals Exit, Get Trained, Get Employed, We make Professionals”


Creativity, Professionalism and imagination. Our mission statement is to help people succeed in today’s ever changing challenging environment.

Regards Messege